Happy New Genealogy Year

A bit of a slow start genealogy-wise this year, although things should start speeding up next week. Meanwhile I have been enjoying the holidays and taking the opportunity to tidy up some of my own family history documentation. As a result I went back to check some old information (obtained in the old-fashioned way in a record office, before the days of online databases and browsable images) and found a sizeable chunk - OK, about 50 people - who had been linked to my family in error. And yes, it was I who did it, so I cannot blame anyone else! It happened so long ago I can't remember why I thought this particular branch 'belonged' to my family - perhaps it was just wishful thinking.

Anyway, as a result of my 'tidying' I now have a new branch to research to replace the one that shouldn't have been there, so lots more fun in store.

Moral of the story: CITE YOUR SOURCES!


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