The day job has rather taken over lately and genealogy has got somewhat pushed to the side. This is when I find Twitter invaluable - I can keep with what's happening in the genealogy world in just 5 minutes or so a day. Lots of bloggers (most of them?) tweet links to their blogs - I really must start doing that!

In the past week I've read about a couple of cases (not just in the genealogy world) where material from people's websites or blogs has been used by others without permission. I don't mean retweeting links or quoting tweets, but actually pasting other people's words or images into their own material and passing it off as their own. For some reason some people seem to think copyright doesn't apply on the web. I've got news for those people - OH YES IT DOES!

What I'm not sure about is how you find out if someone has done this to you. The Internet is a big place and I suppose that's how you get away with it - the odds of being found out, particularly in fields like technology where there are millions of websites on the same subject, must be pretty small.

But remember - just because Google images led you to an image, it doesn't mean you're free to use it on your own website. The best advice I read was to use only images you create yourself. I use old family photos on my website that I scanned from the original - if anyone thinks they recognise the photo, you're probably a relative, so get in touch!

Hope all the other researchers at Kew yesterday were having more luck than I was. Not that I mind spending time looking at original 18th century documents - isn't that the fun part of being a genealogist? - but I didn't actually manage to find the person I was looking for. To be fair it is one of those 'needle in a haystack' jobs - but I just know he's there somewhere...

Until next time!

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