Planning my next visit to TNA...

I'm planning my next visit to The National Archives at Kew next week. I seem to have a somewhat eclectic list of things I need to look at! As the London Family History Centre is currently located there, it means that everything I need including parish record microfilms can be found in one place, which is very useful in some ways but also means that I'm certain to have a busy day, and that I may well come away with some things not accomplished.

Here's what I'm planning to look at (so far - the list may grow by next week):

  • parish records (on microfilm) for various parishes in Kent, Berkshire and North Yorkshire
  • 18th century muster rolls for 4 different army regiments
  • other regimental 18th century records - I'll be seeking some advice there about exactly what is available and whether it will be of use to me for what I need
  • conveyance of land in Yorkshire in the 18th century for charitable purposes

I think that last one will be the most interesting!


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